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Ice On Fire (2019)

IMDB 7.4
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Lowry Tawwater

Ice on Fire gives the plain, unvarnished facts. There is no political intrigue, double-dealing, no politically correct but confusing language. This is a documentary that presents the facts in a way that anyone can understand. DiCaprio's voice is solemn but factual, Leila Connors did a brilliant job directing, and Harun Mehmedinovic surpassed his prodigious cinematography/photographic talents. Over all, after the sobering facts are presented, we of planet Earth are given viable solutions., solutions that each of us can reasonably do. Bravo! Well done!
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First, the good. Without resorting to cloying scare tactics, the doc does a decent job of outlining the science behind how our world is changing and the dangers it represents. The doc also has access to a number of interesting early projects backed by research data that could make a real impact on our drawdown requirements for carbon and methane sequestration. Paul Hawken is a particularly great interview subject given his efforts behind Project Drawdown.

But then the not-so-good. It completely worships at the "new technology will save the day" altar. For anyone who has worked with the best climate models available to us, you learn really quickly how unrealistic that is. Nuclear power took 20 years to roll out the infrastructure at scale for example, and the world will cook in the interim.

Technology is a part of the strategy, but it isn't enough. The doc does lend credence to the "silver buckshot" vs "silver bullet" thinking, but it puts all its eggs in the new tech basket. This also absolves humans of their responsibilities to necessarily change our comsumption-driven ways of thinking and living. It's as if we are told we can continue eating cheeseburgers and living a sedentary lifestyle because our doctor can come up with a new magical diet pill and we won't need to change a thing.

New technologies also always introduce as many new problems as the ones they attempt to solve. There is no attempt to qualify or quantify that. Let's seed the oceans with iron filings and create bubbles to carbonate the ocean! It's the magic diet pill with no side effects.

The strength of a documentary is in how it tells a complete story, not just a weighted account. As such, this doc ran more like cheerleading piece for how new geoengineering technologies will save us with no harmful side-effects -- which is ignorant at best and dangerous at worst. All we need to do is call our senator.
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Cissiee Fradette

A well made, thought provoking, and scary compilation of what we know about the effect burning fossil fuels for energy has on our climate. Unfortunately for me, the film does not mention the elephant in the room. Until we take the difficult but necessary steps to reduce global population growth the remedies mentioned in this film all seem futile. When are we going to see a documentary about climate change that addresses this most important issue?
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I watched this incredible documentary last night and it's a must see for everyone on earth. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio it unflinchingly shows the current state of climate change and exactly where the earth is headed in a very short space of time.

Climate change is no longer an issue that only future generations will have to worry about. We are the first generation to really feel the impact of climate change and the last one that will be able to do something about it.
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Ice On Fire collates all of the climate science and makes it understandable. Earth is dying and dying quickly. If making this documentary makes people change their mind, then maybe it can help save the planet.
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Munford Satz

Documentaries like this add to the increasing sense of fear and futility that world citizens feel. It is not the powerless citizens who are responsible for this inevitable catastrophe -- it is the corporations and governments who have pursued industrial development at any cost to health and environment.

Nothing is going to be done about carbon emissions because companies put profits above everything else. Governments are funded by rich corporations and so the demonic dance goes.

This environmental fear campaign is like the nuclear- weapons fear campaign. We are powerless against the forces of greed, chaos, and destruction. The human species is a rapacious, voracious, self-destructive force that will not be tamed.

While this is a technically ound film. It's only end result for viewers is fear and depression. Any influential powers who could do anything have no interest in any of this. Most old-money involve old people who don't care because they will be dead when the horror comes down.
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This is just a simple introduction documentary on Climate Change, focusing entry level science, without ever touching on the underlying human reasons why we are facing it

1. nothing on China, and China's refusal to accept oversight in meeting climate change reduction goals. US has woken up to this, and have consequentially pulled out of the Climate Change accords.

2. nothing on China which is introducing back what is supposed to be banned ozone destroying gas into the atmosphere, thus ceasing the healing of the ozone layer . There is also a dramatic increase of methane gas production in China over the past years despite what the central government has planned against.

3. nothing on billionaire industrialists whom run factories in countries by consideration of how lax their pollution laws are, and neither any revelation on why these industrialists refuse to adopt more environmentally friendly industrial processes and post-manufacturing disposal.

Neither are there interviews of how these ultra-elites ( the ones which owns half of the world's wealth) on how they view their actions on the well-being of the planet.

4. nothing on multi-billion consumer products companies on why they lied about recycling ( re: recycling scandal of coffee cups in Canada , USA where bins are allocated but in actuality, rubbish is dumped without distinction ), on why there is mass over packing of products (re: emerging scandal), waste of resources by excessive corporate travel.

5. zero on how governments in USA, Europe, China, India, will ever encourage their billionaire elites to adopt true green practices (meaning, not just pilot programs meant for PR fluff)

6. and of course no interviews with top-tier politicians on how they can get every invested party to stick to agreed rules. ( if these rules can even be agreed to in the first place. )
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Baudin Hutchcroft

Good produktion with easy and well made graphics. It's helps the storyline very good. And it's very interesting to see a climate dokumentary with solutions - not only the problems. And I really liked that.
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Madelyn Spielmann

This documentary is not only eye-opening, but it is a wake up call for humanity. The Ice on Fire team did a beautiful job making this film and it is clear that countless hours were spent to ensure everything came together perfectly.
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This film is not only visually stunning but insightful as well. It brings to light how real the issue of climate change is and what we need to do to stop it.
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8/10 just because it is not FREE to watch... and it should be!

This is not the classical movie you enjoy as a good story and then you go home thinking about it a little and you forget the next day. This is a scientific study telling us ALL that we have a global crisis that threathens life, our very life as a species. And that we are responsible for this situation. There is no excuse to ignore and not act on this. We know the problem. We have prototypes for solutions. We have countries that are successfully functioning on green technologies. People who knows the problem and deliberately deny it (business men, mainstream media, politicians) misinforming the public, are effectively committing a huge crime against humanity, as if they live in another planet! I learned several new concepts here that I will share with skeptics near me. It is also critical for the public to see these authoritative voices, these scientists who have the truth and the innovative solutions.

One thing I do have to add. THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE FREE TO WATCH FOR EVERYBODY! How can you share such an important message if it has a pay wall?
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Marta Turke

This is the most ironic documentary ever produced. The ol' "Do as I say, not as I do" is in full swing with Leo. He probably edited this on his 6000 foot yacht with the carbon footprint of a small country. But hey. It's Leo. So I guess you should believe everything he says right
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Pepita Beahr

I'm supposed to listen to an actor preach about climate change, while he flies to environmental banquets in a private jet? Nothing could wreak more of elitist hypocrisy. Thanks, but no thanks. The individuals who create the largest carbon footprints are going to lecture us on what the rest of us should do?
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Read up on Maunder Minimum since we are now entering a mini-ice age based on no sunspots. What are they smoking in Sweden to claim CO2, which recycles carbon back into our environment so life on earth can go on, is a 'poison' destroying the earth? Total ignorance.
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Fiden Brehony

Humans will never learn. It's not about us. We are not strangers on this rock but we behave as if we were. We grew out of this ecosystem. Then we developed Egos. That's when we began to think that it's about us. But it isn't. It's about the whole living Earth. Science is just an abstraction created by our minds. Our science still operates under the 19th Century model of the Universe in which human intelligence is a fluke grown out of a senseless and basically stupid rock and dust Universe. We try to make reality conform to our already made up minds. We call it the Conquest of Nature. But even if we take the Newtonian perspective in the matter, the result is still the same. His third law states that all forces between 2 objects exist in equal magnitude and opposite directions. We have unearthed immense quantities of natural deposits (oil, gasses, minerals, metals etc) which we then burned as fuel for the most part to release these previously trapped elements into Nature in a different form. Don't we expect any repercussions?

Mendeleev's table of elements has become 24 elements "richer" during the last decades due to our synthesizing them in labs and nuclear reactors. Does this sound like a sane thing to do? Improving upon Nature.

Current technology is a product of science and warped beliefs in the importance of our actions which we call progress. Therefore in direct opposition to Nature. You cannot interfere with the natural process and think the outcome will be the one you planned for. No matter how noble the intentions. What will happen is things will get worse, from our "let's save our current way of life" point of view. Any interference will create another imbalance. It's a cycle on Planetary scale and time-line which cannot be stopped in a few years. Hubris, greed, inertia, us versus them mentality, living in an ever increasing abstract fantasy World (online profiles, super hero movies, watching screens all day, spreadsheet view of the World etc) economic slavery, elitism, corporatism, consumerism, luxurious lifestyle as goal in life, will go on as long as they can be sustained (Examples: Our clothes are currently almost all made of plastic to last one season, all in the name of fashion. Cars, electronics are being launched already obsolete). Then our habitat will change so much that actions will be imminently necessary. From our point of view. We will act in panic. We will put our scientific bets on micro organisms and other "scientific" discoveries. But it will be too late. Nature will follow its course. It will wipe out our coast lines. Winds and fires will come upon our cities. Food and water shortages will force people into mass migration. Many will perish. But some will survive. They will start the whole thing once more. With cleaner energies maybe. Still thinking that it's all about them.

But why do we need so much energy? What is so important that we need to run around achieving? These questions we avoid. We point at the Mediterraneans and call them lazy. But where on Earth do humans reportedly live the healthiest and happiest lives? Where do they live on average 15 years longer? Where are some of the most idyllic human settlements in the World?

The principles of Wu-Wei (attitude of genuine non-action, unconflicting action, perfect efficaciousness and the realization of a perfect economy of energy) are ancient and would surely benefit a next generation if taught in schools instead of competitive thinking. Living in accord with Nature. There is much difference between the mentality of rowing and that of sailing.

Countries do not exist in nature. They are abstract concepts which exist only in our collective minds, yet many of us are still ready to die defending them, while we continue to treat our home planet as a replaceable commodity by actively converting its resources into another abstraction existing only in our minds: Money.

"It is perfectly obvious that the whole world is going to hell. The only possible chance that it might not is that we do not attempt to prevent it from doing so."

J. Robert Oppenheimer
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An aesthetic masterpiece. The stunning cinematography (Mehmedinovic) is a testimony to the dedicated, intrepid crew that braved challenging conditions around the globe to bring these stunning facts to the screen. The brilliance of Conners is revealed in the script, the development of the sense of urgency and her hunt for folks who are working to bring us solutions. It is so easy for the limited soul to belittle their efforts. It takes courage to confront the facts and intelligence and fortitude to move forward with solutions. Ice on Fire is the rallying call for the brave and brilliant who are moving forward in the face of daunting but not impossible odds.
data di revisione 02/21/2020

Instead of a lecture about the world being about to end, this much more approachable documentary combines gorgeous photography with an non-intrusive narration and focuses on understandable science. The explanations are clear and free of jargon, and the film explores realistic science based options to combat climate change. The soundtrack is excellent and the whole film sounds and looks great, while teaching important information about climate science. Highly recommended.
data di revisione 02/22/2020

Anyone who has been paying attention, knows there is a climate catastrophe underway. Ice on Fire takes viewers into the field and into the labs to show us how we indisputably know this. The science is solid -- it should be noted that ExxonMobil, Chevron, and other corporations (most notably insurance companies) have released statements that climate change is a real threat to infrastructure and national security, but this film takes it a step further and takes us to sites where governments and corporations are working to solve the problem of removing carbon from the environment. This is refreshing. Not only are solutions being found and are working, we get a glimpse on how a future economy will work and like all economies, the ones who invest in the future will be its beneficiaries, while those who ignore the problem and refuse to invest in the new technology will be left behind. Ice on Fire resists cynicism and works against dread even as scientists punch holes in the ice of an Alaskan lake and light the escaping methane from the thawing permafrost on fire. The film also doesn't give any airtime to the trite spiels of climate deniers, conspiracy theorists, or any of the naysayers who can only speak in logical fallacies. It didn't need to. We have been run ragged by them and know they aren't about finding solutions to the crisis, but exacerbating it. These people would have detracted from the film's purpose and lent credibility to those who don't deserve any. Ice on Fire is beautifully shot and edited. It hits the right balance between interview, narration, facts and tables without being boring. But its engaging artistry is all directed to show us if enough people contribute their voices to support these efforts already underway and support the research to discover as yet undiscovered solutions, we and many other living things will continue to exist on this planet, and the powerful play that is the human story will go on.
data di revisione 02/23/2020

Unless you live under a rock you are aware of climate change. Whether you believe in the science of it or instead choose to put on your political blinders and profess it's not real, this film presents a multitude of answers and solutions for an innovative and positive way forward. The science of how atmospheric CO2 build up is affecting our planet is laid out with care such that a layman can understand but with enough specificity that it is not oversimplified. But it does not stop there. Countless solutions are presented by various scientists, researchers, and innovators around the globe explaining ways that we can not only stop our carbon footprint from rapid expansion but also how we can actually reverse that footprint. We have a limited amount of time to effectively implement these incredible ideas but it is not yet too late. The fact that these ideas have already passed proof of concept and continue to be scaled across the world should be enough reason to get behind them; that they open up tens of millions of new jobs, economic growth, and a path for our children and future generations to inhabit this Earth long after we're gone should leave no doubt that whatever your political leanings, it's time to act. PERIOD.
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Bueschel Giampapa

A direct look on how the rise of Carbon in the atmosphere is directly affecting climate change. Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, and explained by expects from across the world, this documentary goes in depth to describe how this is affecting the world we are living in, how it contributes to more severe natural disaster and is leading towards mass extinctions in our future. A sequel to Leo's "Before the Flood", Which is just as eye opening, it's worth a watch to be able to see how far we've come and what we have to do to save the planet before it's too late. A must watch!!!
data di revisione 02/23/2020

This is a pertinent and powerful documentary once again coming from DiCaprio. This documentary tries to find ways to stop or reverse the negative effects of climate change. The cinematography is brilliant; the narrative voice of DiCaprio confident and urgent without being haughty. And most importantly, it is based on facts and statistics from around the world.
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Thorncombe Wyllie

Everything presented is valuable information, but the film omits ANY mention of the impact of land-based animal agriculture on climate change. When you're making a film about what humans have done and now might do differently, there's no excuse for excluding information about animal agriculture. I'm not saying advocate for veganism, just be real and offer the same kind of scientific information about the impact of collectively reducing our consumption of animal products. If you can showcase marine farming and mention overfishing, you can and must talk about animal agriculture on land. You're shirking the responsibility you took on in making this film by omitting such a significant piece of the puzzle.
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Scherle Gripper

I have to say that in the world that we currently reside I am experiencing a huge amount of overwhelming doom, maybe even a constant existential crisis regarding the global climate situation. It feels crushing, and it SHOULD because of the severity of what we are facing.

Ice on Fire takes a different, and I would say, more important approach to how we will potentially and actually deal with the Herculean task of slowing down global warming. With incredible and committed minds focusing on technologies and strategies, Ice on Fire is far from gloomy. On the contrary, I left the movie with an overwhelming feeling of hope, and a passion to see what *I* could personally do, contribute to, study and research to participate in the solution. That felt like a gift, the lifting off of my (and so many other people who are committed to addressing the dangerous present and catastrophic future of climate change) shoulders the burden of powerlessness. We are NOT powerless.

We CAN do something. This documentary opens the critical dialog of what we need to be thinking about and acting on NOW, with a sharp eye to even more effective ways of taking responsibility for slowing down global climate change. THANK YOU for making this film, and at such an important moment in our history. Thank you.

I would like to add a special nod to the intensely beautiful cinematography. This world is irreplaceable, and seeing SO many beautifully diverse places on our planet made me cry at the potential of it's loss to all of us. Human beings are steering this ship, and every other inhabitant---who, unlike humans---cannot stand up and fight for it's protection. It is OUR responsibility, and we have HOPE of making the changes necessary to save our planet.
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Chelsy Woodington

At a time when climate science is being all-too-often renounced as a hoax, and widening economic inequality is continuing to jeopardize people's quality of life, Ice on Fire offers innovative solutions that address both preeminent issues simultaneously. By featuring cutting edge, solutions-oriented research that not only boasts significant and fast-acting carbon sequestration, but that also contains the capability of generating profit, scientists are instead envisioning a more pragmatic, bases loaded approach to sustainable solutions that even a more skeptical and conservative audience, whose primary concerns are job creation and profitability, can buy into. One of the unique ways this film bridges the accessibility gap found in many science-heavy documentaries is through it's highlighting of relatable innovators whose stories and efforts can be understood by anyone. Most notable are the tales of two farmers who are transforming their respective industries by bringing environmentally sustainable solutions to traditionally working class practices; Iatef Vita's urban farming amidst the concrete jungles of LA and Bren Smith's kelp and shellfish farming along the shores of the East Coast are two examples that could be affordably implemented and highly impactful in a myriad of ways from boosting local economies to improving community health. Ice on Fire as a whole paints a hopeful vision of collaborative solutions to our impending ecological crisis through Mehmedinovic's striking cinematography and Connors' incisive direction.
data di revisione 02/24/2020
Kimmel Allender

Interesting but dry and to many times repeat the numbers and CO2. Almost nothing about the agreculture, about ppl and enviroment, about water scarcity and food shortage, how the ppl already suffer in Africa. It is just USA point of view. I was really wait this movie but I'm disappointed.

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