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Dc's Legends Of Tomorrow

Originaler Titel: Legends of Tomorrow
IMDB 6.8
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Salema Guiterez

I was really excited about this show. I like all super hero stuff on TV and movies, as I am not informed about the comic books.

I watched the pilot, and thought may be I will give it another try. I watched the second episode and decided I will NOT watch it any more.

Over acting.

Poor story telling.

The Sheyara girl is horrible in many aspects.

All these super powers and the bad guy seems to do just fine.

As early as the second episode the story line got convoluted. I have a feeling this will get worse.

I hope I am wrong and others enjoy it.
data di revisione 02/21/2020

This had some marginal potential but whatever actress (and I use that term lightly) it is who is playing Sara is just worse than bad. I think I could really have gotten into this if someone talented was playing her part or even if she were to become more of a support role, but as I understand it she has unbelievably been scripted into the position of lead in season 2 which ends my watching of this show. No doubt it is yet another example of political agendas dictating TV script development. They should loose her and script Mick back in...but, oh well. Yet, another show ruined!
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Aleedis Kreps

I don't know if you comic-book lover types are aware of this, but a lot of it *is* for children. That's why there aren't any bad words in the Arrowverse. None of the four big CW DC shows are "for" adults. If your expectations were different, you don't have to give it -50 stars. Just don't give it any stars. Those of us who love it would prefer that people who don't even watch it... stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us.

I see people looking for plot-holes, complaining about the characters, getting upset about the CG. Others are angry because the "wrong" heroes were chosen. Well, the point of the Legends is that they're outsiders. They're unconventional, and don't belong anywhere except with each other on the Waverider. If Batman/Superman/AnyFamiliarDCHero were on this, it'd be so... so... stupid. Superman and Batman would think before acting. The Legends are more improvisational.

Just watch it. It's hilarious. You do need a sense of humor and the ability to let go of your hardcore comic grudges, but it's worth it.

Beebo loves you. Maybe we could all love Beebo back.
data di revisione 02/21/2020

I'm still not sure how I feel about "Legends of Tomorrow". I liked Ray more in "Arrow" and the thought of these eight random rogues working together is baffling. But the more I watched the more I learned to accept the show for what it is: comic book eye candy. That's really all it is. There's occasional moments of good acting; they're rare but they happen, mainly from Garber and Miller who fit like a glove into their characters Dr. Martin Stein and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) respectively. None of the acting is offensively bad actually. It's the writing that's the bane of the show. These characters are constantly saying and doing the stupidest possible things in any given situation. It's one thing to suspend disbelief but it helps to have a modicum of common sense to keep us grounded, which many of these characters do not.

The writers clearly don't care. The concept of time is asinine. They go back and forth through time with no coherent explanation, reasoning, or consequence. Vandal Savage is wasted as a villain. Casper Crump plays him as an over-the-top Christoph Waltz type baddie, and he's fun to watch but the character itself is hollow and awfully written into the show. Every confrontation between the Legends and Savage end up with Savage escaping in an inexplicably dumb fashion, and then the group continues their search to attack him in a different time. Characters say things that make you upset at the TV, like, "Did you really have to do that? Now I have to dislike you."

The plot itself is ass. Rip Hunter gathers a team to find and kill Vandal Savage by attacking him at different points in time. But it's like, who cares? You can accept it because it's so confident in its insanity and so insistent on constantly shoving money at the screen to distract us, and for the most part, it works. The first few episodes are tough to stomach because the writing is SO gratingly awful from the get-go, but once the characters develop more and gain some semblance of chemistry (between some of them at least, namely Snart and Sara) and when they experiment with different time periods, that's where the show starts to get fun. The Wild West episode is entertaining, as are the ones where they explore the '50s and the racism and sexism that come with it. And the characters do grow on you. Snart was carrying the first few episodes but now it's more balanced. It's difficult juggling so many main characters and the show suffers for it, but the fun comes from watching these misfits interact in their absurd surroundings, making for some fun character building moments and the occasional comic relief. I actually don't hate Sara anymore, and Mick does his best Batman impression which makes for some hilarious moments, intentional or otherwise.

As it stands, "Legends of Tomorrow" has a lot of potential. Clearly the special effects budget is satisfied - the action sequences are fun to watch - but the writing needs to come together if this is going to continue as a series longterm. If nothing else, it's better than "Arrow" this season (though that's not saying much). If you're a fan of the other DC shows or a sci-fi nut in general, you might get some popcorn-level entertainment from "Legends of Tomorrow".
data di revisione 02/21/2020

Personally this show gets better and better every episode. I was skeptical about it after the first season. However, the current season has left me with a since of adventure every episode. The different totems powers have been very interesting and have definitely kept the interest in the show! I'm definitely looking forward to where this season is going to go as well as hoping there will be more seasons to come.
data di revisione 02/21/2020

Tried to watch it, tried to like it and just couldn't do it. How is this still going?
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Marsiella Windes

How did this show make it past season 1? How is this still running, but Constantine got cancelled after 1 season? Cliche, tacky, predictable and unfunny. This show is a train wreck.
data di revisione 02/21/2020

The CGI in the opening scene made me cringe but I kept watching. *SPOILERS*

Couldn't make it past the encounter with Chronos... Here we have the whole team trying to fight Chronos who is all alone. We have Hunter shooting at Chronos with his ridiculous laser revolver while Palmer in his Atom suit and Firestorm are flying 10 feet away from Chronos, missing every shot they take at him in perfect synchronization.. Only for the rest of the team to somehow hit Chronos with a car that came out of the blue and buy everyone enough time to escape after they say some awful one-liners...

Not sure if the show gets any better but I highly doubt it and don't care to find out anyway.

8+ out of 10 so far? Come on
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Borman Quilty

Honestly I've watched Legends since day 1 and I liked it cuz it was different and there was new characters to learn about but with season 3 and 4 they added Gary and Mona. Gary is just a moron to point and laugh at and Mona is just an annoying werewolf. And the werewolf doesn't look believable like at all. I don't like being negative but I couldn't help but share that.
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Cohin Kooy

The pilot episode sets forth the promising tale of a motley crew destined for greatness on a romp through time and space. And, for the most part, it succeeds at continuing a trend of mostly-good DC Superhero TV on the CW. Helped along by several characters that have earned us caring about them from their development on Arrow and The Flash, Victor Garber's Martin Stein, Caity Lotz's Sarah Lance, and Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer ground the show with enough heart to kick-start it into action.

Meanwhile, Snart and Rory continue to play the well characterized pair of funny anti-heroes that we have seen again and again on the other CW shows. In particular, Captain Cold's absurdly dry sense of humor and knack for puns cuts through moments of necessary pilot exposition.

The real standout, though, is Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, whose sharp comedic timing and deeper acting chops should help keep the show grounded in a strong protagonist moving forward. The more Legends of Tomorrow leans on Darvill and Garber for dramatic story lines, the better.

Unfortunately, not all of the characters on the team are well-developed or well-acted. Hawkman and Hawkgirl continue to be as trite and uninteresting as they were during their stint on The Flash. And despite the potential in Vandal Savage as a character, his writing thus far has not been nuanced or compelling enough to set him on par with CW's other seasonal "Big Bads".

Moving forward, the show should succeed if it focuses on its characters and actors that elevate it above mere comic book cheese, and if it executes its promise of time-travel shenanigans in inventive, fun ways.

Legends of Tomorrow doesn't look poised to knock The Flash from its "best in DC" throne just yet. The Flash benefits from not having boring main characters (I'm looking at you Hawkman/Hawkgirl, and Arrow's terrible Laurel Lance). Consistency will be Legends of Tomorrow's biggest challenge if it wants to one-up The Flash and legitimize future expansion of CW's DC Universe. 5/10
data di revisione 02/21/2020

Although continue to watch this show it gets worst every week. I only watch because I have been since very 1st episode. It was good then. All of their super powers. Now Ray never uses Atom suit. Nathan rarely turns to steel. All they do is catch mystical creatures or talk about how one loves the other. Only excitement is Constantine.
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Edveh Arguijo

And I mean poorly written. I watched the first season of this show back then and it was okay. I returned now because of John Constantine, but oh boy, what did become of this show. Inconsistent Characters, poor plots, Characters made to idiots. I mean take Ray for example, he was CEO of his own firm, he developed the atom suit (By the way, where is that thing?) and the only thing he does? Goofing around and acting like a toddler.

Sarah? Trained by the league of assassins? Oh, they made her stupid too. Rory? Not a psychopath anymore Mona? A character I enjoyed in the beginning and now just some lovesick idiot who is only there to turn herself into a werewolf.

The worst one is Gary, I can't even put into words how idiotic this one is.

And I could continue. It was about saving the past and future in the beginning, and now? Nothing, just their own drama. And it's so poorly written.

Constantine deserves so much better, he should get a second season on his own show. But nope, the poor guy is trapped between those idiots. Although his annoyed face is a perfect representation of my while watching this nonsense.
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Cale Suder

People! Give it a break! This show never fails to make me laugh! It's ridiculous, cheesy and a ton of fun. Suspend reality and enjoy the ride- this is not meant for heavy thinking, deep romances or for pondering your role in life. It's fun. The humor is the truly captivating part. You never know where or when it's going to come from, but this show is a hoot- as long as you don't take yourself too seriously. I suggest giving it a try- I think this show has earned it.
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Farrish Rhatigan

I am making this review because when I looked, soo many reviews were negative. My guess is these reviewers don't really care for time travel and never really gave this show a shot.

A little context for my review; out of DC and Marvel, I would overwhelmingly go with Marvel. I greatly appreciate the ability to inject some humor into these type of programs. Legends of Tomorrow is the one DC property that gets this right. Sure it can be serious, plenty of action, but they also have those perfect moments that surprise me and make me laugh out loud.

An example of this, each episode begins with one of the characters narrating a brief catch up of what has been happening. When the arsonist thief character Rory gets to narrate, it goes something like, "Do you idiots still not know what's going on?" Had me cracking up in the first few minutes and I didn't see it coming at all.

The writing on this show has improved. Like my title suggests, season one was OK, and it has only gone up from there. The current season (3), has so far made me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE. and I can say I honestly look forward to every new ep.

I cannot for the life of me understand how these people are giving all these negative reviews. Ridiculous. We all get to have an opinion, but if you like time travel, super heroes and a lighter take than DC's usual fare, give this show an honest try.

When I first stumbled on this show I watched it backwards, started with season two, then watched season 1. I would go that route. I feel like in season 2 they really found their footing. If you can't get into it after watching season 2, then its not for you. If you dig season 2, then you will enjoy the characters enough to enjoy season 1 even if it is not as good as S2.

If any of the writers, actors or folk associated with the show read these reviews, don't let the haters get you down. You have found your groove and are killing it. You have a quality show with great writing that keeps true to each character. The cast is excellent in their respective roles and nail each character. I'm partial to Mr. Purcell, but that's mostly because I enjoy his comedic relief.

Definitely worth watching yall.

Sincerely, Dan Palus
data di revisione 02/21/2020
Munmro Cohrs

It is provoking to see how various DC shows are cleverly interweaved. However, trying to do a spin-off from so many of them was something I was originally skeptical about. Perhaps the first season did not give sufficient sense of direction, but the second one totally redeemed the show. I had a tense moment at the season two finale, which looked very much like a cut off point. Luckily, the decision to continue the series is highly praised, it is in my views the funniest DC show ever. I really enjoy each episode with very good laughs. The viewers criticising it for the quality of the plot might not realise that it is presumably the perfect parody that this genre was so desperately missing.
data di revisione 02/22/2020
Cristobal Gearin

Alright so I'm just going to start this review off saying I didn't rate this show 7 stars because its emmy worthy or because the acting is the best possible(although the actors do help deliver the shows tone and have cute moments), but its not trying to be, Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl all tried their hardest to be taken seriously, sure The Flash is still funnier than Arrow but the writers did want you to take it seriously, this is the only one that right from the get go isn't trying to get you to take it seriously, in fact the first season is so campy, Wentworth Miller, the other guy from Prison Break and Brendon Routh are all standouts particularly, probably due to years of acting experience, but you can tell they really care about the material they have. Other reviews may have mentioned but yes, Season 1 is very very predictable, but give it a chance because if you love camp, comedy and fun action scenes(not John Wick level, think goofy Arrow with superpowers, an Assassin and a time traveler lmao), you'll love the show. Once you get past Season 1 you'll quickly realize that although at times it can be predictable the show can sometimes get so bonkers and absurd that it does suprise you and in the best and funnest way possible, now I know I did say they don't try to get you take it seriously from the get go and thats because they don't, but they do stop at least once or twice a season to give the character's and actors a chance to get emotional and it is very well deserved, I can guarantee that you will love the characters by the time you get through Season 1, and from then they just keep on improving. So are the villians any good? Well in the first season theres one and hes not really good honestly, but thats okay because the heroes are the main spotlight, but Season 2 and 3 have very good villians, so fear not there. Overall this show is a great time, don't go in expecting Breaking Bad, but also don't go in expecting Arrow Season 4. Its the only Arrowverse show thats stayed consistant in every season, including 4 from what I've seen. I'd say its worth a watch and if you don't want to watch the whole thing, at the very least give the first season a try.
data di revisione 02/22/2020

This is a good filler series for when you run out of other (better) things to watch.

Season 4 is outright stupidity... complete with fairy tale characters and spontaneously bursting into song.
data di revisione 02/22/2020

The first season is worth watching, because they all have a fixed goal, to stop Vandal Savage. But as the show progresses, they've switched from Sci-Fi genre to Supernatural genre, which is where things go really crappy. There's no consistency with the writing, the characters become more and more annoying. The main lead Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is killed off, and the show has lost touch with DC universe. Basically they should've cancelled the show. Not worth watching after season 2.
data di revisione 02/23/2020

Really, in each CW hero show the 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd seasons are amazing. Fun, great stories, fun crossovers, awesome characters and villains, action the works. Then..... then it turns into a sad sad little universe. Haha enjoy what you can then feel ok about stop watching the show.
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Vashti Starrick

Unlike The Flash and The arrow, this show doesn't take itself seriously. Yes it's cheesy and the jokes aren't always the best. But that doesn't change the fact that it's enjoyable. It's Legends of Tomorrow
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Sheryl Briddell

Season 1 was half decent and then it got progressively worse to a point where I can no longer watch it! It's children's show really it should be on cartoon network or something
data di revisione 02/23/2020
Goldfinch Escalante

The show was worth 10 stars at Season 1 4 rarely (almost never) focused on Ray's Atom Suit , Rory bacame Kind-hearted (who was a Pyro-maniac) Sara focusses more on her love life rather than on the Team , cheap ripoff of the Marvel's INFINITY STONES (called totems) No Captain Cold , No Rip Hunter , No Firestorm........To be frank the Show should STOP......or else bring back VANDAL SAVAGE
data di revisione 02/24/2020
Byrd Sarbash

Personally I really enjoy this series. Is it a hardcore DC/marvel series? No. And it's not supposed to be. Is it an in depth story with big names and script? Nope. But that's not a bad thing really. It's just a fun series that has interesting characters with different pasts who want to become legends for different reasons and in the process grow as a character. If your looking for a 100% DC then your looking at the wrong series, but if you just wanna watch a series that is inspired by characters of DC on a fun spin off that doesn't take itself to seriously then it's worth the watch. I actually prefer this series to the flash by far, and the Arrow as well (first few seasons of the Arrow was good, then it just got weird).

It's a great series that I truly enjoy watching and eagerly wait for the next episode!
data di revisione 02/24/2020

Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was a mixture of tones and themes that ended with somewhat of a bad taste in the viewer's mouth. It wasn't sure where it wanted to go, it wasn't sure of what it wanted to do. It's ironic that the issues of the first season became a sort of metaphor for the show's characters: evolving beyond where they started to become something better.

Made up of the secondary heroes of the Arrowverse, the show painted its characters as outcasts of that world, not good enough to headline their own show like The Flash or Supergirl. The first season labels this mentality as a bad thing. After recognizing that the tone of the show wasn't working, the writers decided to embrace that theme, but with comedy being the end result rather than melodrama.

Thus was born a different show basically. Superpowers took a backseat to wacky situational comedy. Fistfights were turned into corny motivational speaks. And their characters evolved to fit this new paradigm. The strangest thing about all of it: it totally works.

Legends of Tomorrow is not for everyone, as most superhero properties are. However, this show from season 2 on is definitely worth a try simply due to the fact there's nothing else like it on air right now. They're may be no other show like it period. The incredible mix of corny action, the wacky situations the Legends find themselves in, and the genuinely good development of basically ever character all come together in a truly remarkable story about people changing for the better.

I do believe what they say is true: heroes are in the limelight, they are the ones seen and their actions are praised. But the people you don't see are just as important. Heroes are the ones we remember, but Legends never die.
data di revisione 02/24/2020

Legends of Tomorrow used to just be silly, now it's just ridiculous. Storylines have gotten totally convoluted and make zero sense. The cast no longer feels as bloated as it once was, but now it's like they're throwing in everything but the kitchen sink just to keep making things happen. The show is riddled with gigantic plot holes and completely lazy writing. Like, what the hell is the point to having a time-traveling spaceship, when you have a bureau that can just press a button with a little device and they can just time travel that way? The whole thing seems arbitrary and pointless. And in half the episodes now the heroes never use any of their powers. Aren't they supposed to be superheroes? Episodes just keep making huge jumps in logic and expecting the viewers to just accept it. They don't provide explanations for absolutely anything. It's like the writers know that things have gotten so silly, that they just don't care anymore. Compare it to a series like Doom Patrol. That show is super silly, but at least things make sense on some level, and you know people writing for it truly care. It's like Legends just doesn't give a crap. Performances used to show promise, now they're just cringe-worthy. What happened? I'm a huge DC, sci-fi, and time travel fan, and I really can't stand the show anymore. Whatever corner they've turned, it hasn't been for the better. It's time these Legends ride off into the sunset.

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